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The Spirit of
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Delftship is dedicated to providing efficient, safe and innovative ship management services to its clients. Being entrusted with the supervision and care for high-value assets, we strive to preserve them in a cost-effective, reliable and long-lasting approach. Clients and charterers alike can rely on our integrity in all matters as well as on our continuous process to hone and further develop every aspect of our operations.

We recognize the importance of our seafarers onboard as key workers for the international transport which makes our worldwide economy possible. A seamless integration of onboard and onshore personnel as one globally connected team and the acknowledgement of each individual’s value for our companies’ goals are essential for us.

Recognizing our responsibility for current and future generations, we strive to reduce our ecological footprint both by constant educational efforts onboard and ashore, as well as by adaptation of new technologies. Delftship is an associated partner in various projects to assess and advance wind-assisted propulsion technologies, such as FlettnerFLEET.


Leadership foots on vision and responsibility. Every day we undertake efforts and follow our vision of a quality ship manager. Responsibility is the fuel on our journey.

Our Team

“Everyone can hold the helm when the Sea is calm” – we pride ourselves with a proven ability to manage complex challenges. Our Team has a demonstratedlong-term experience in handling multi-purpose vessels or bulk carriers in key responsible functions both onboard as well as ashore – paired with a customer-oriented drive to engage any encounter with a solution-focused, cost effective approach. Supported by long-standing relationships and a strong network, we are at your side when the Sea gets rough!

Our Company

Delftship has been founded in 2019 by Captain Roelf Briese as a ship company focused on fast paced and value-driven technical management. Since our founding, we have established ourself as a reliable service provider for renowned shipowners and a trusted partner for first-class chartering companies alike.

Investor Relations

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